GTI’s Short Profile Being established in July 2016, Global Think Indonesia (GTI) is going to be a leading company focusing its business on tools and applications for media and advertising industry GTI is an exclusive partner of SP3 Software that currently holds rights for retailing and fine-tuning Figaro Gold™ for Indonesian market. Currently GTI is developing its own product and services, focusing on business intelligence apps and marketing/advertising apps.

What is Figaro?

Figaro is a software system designed to distribute available TV airtime over one or more brand campaigns in order to attain user-defined goals and in the process, maximize one or more criteria such as reach or cost efficiency.

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What is ThinkView?

ThinkView is a ready-use business intelligence system that pivots your media marketing data on specific detail templates i.e. actual ad spots, tv program performances, sales, then transforms into multiple dashboard standards, containing most-applicable cards, charts and maps.

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